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Old Aberdeen is an ancient community with a history going back a thousand years. A completely independent town from Aberdeen until 1891, it retains a wonderful sense of history and an intriguing mixture of architecture. While the core street plan dates from the medieval period, the appearance of Old Aberdeen owes much to developments in the 18th century onward.
The history of occupation of this area has long roots: nearby there have been many finds dating from 4000BC and earlier, while Tillydrone Motte in Seaton Park is understood to have prehistoric origins. Old Aberdeen can be divided into three reasonably distinct areas.
The oldest is the area around St Machar’s Cathedral, known as the Chanonry, which developed with the cathedral from the 12th Century onwards.
From 1489 Old Aberdeen became a Burgh of Barony by grant of a charter from James IV, after which the merchant area around the Town House developed.
The third, academic area, developed after the foundation of King’s College in 1495 and continues to be developed, sensitively, up to the present day.
(Text courtesy of Aberdeen City Council leaflet ‘Old Aberdeen Trail’with some tweaks)

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