Further Information

Here’s some information to help you find out more about Old Aberdeen:-


The University of Aberdeen: www.abdn.ac.uk

The Cathedral Church of St Machar: www.stmachar.com

General tourist information about Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire: www.visitabdn.com

Useful app

There is a useful app developed by Aberdeen University which provides further details about many of the places identified on this website: ‘Discover: Old Aberdeen’. This can be downloaded free from the Google or Apple app stores, depending on your phone type.

Leaflet: Old Aberdeen Trail

Aberdeen City Council has developed a number of attractive leaflets that describe themed trails around Aberdeen and there is one for this area called ‘Old Aberdeen Trail’. This can be obtained from the tourist office at 23 Union Street (that’s the main street in Aberdeen City) and should be available in other places too, but if you can’t get hold of one there is a downloadable file available <here>

Guided Walks

There are a number of guided walks available, mostly fairly informally organised. If interested, you are advised to make contact with ‘Visit Scotland Aberdeen Office’ at 23 Union Street; <see on map>
Or by:
Phone: 01224 900490
Email: info@visitabdn.com

Suggested reading:

The following books will provide you with lots of useful background on how Old Aberdeen developed as a town independent from Aberdeen City.
They are mostly out of print and listed in increasing age, but the more recent can be readily obtained from the second hand market.

‘The Lost City: Old Aberdeen’ by Jane Stevenson

‘The Villages of Aberdeen: Old Aberdeen Volume 1’ by Diane Morgan

‘The Villages of Aberdeen: Spital’ by Diane Morgan

‘Old Aberdeen: Bishops, Burghers and Buildings’ by John S Smith

‘Aberdeen. An Illustrated Guide’ by W.A. Brogden

‘The Story of Old Aberdeen’ and ‘Reminiscences of Old Aberdeen’ by Katherine E. Trail.
(Mrs Trail was a long time resident of the town who wrote these books about the area in the pre-war years. While these are long out of print, they can be found second hand).